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Custom Carpentry and Woodworking

Whether you are looking for a custom-made bookcase that will stand out from the crowd as well as stand the test of time, then you need to call us today.

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Baseboard Installation

Baseboard Installation carpentry is often described as the type of carpentry that ties a structure or piece of furniture together. If the last mile of a marathon is the most difficult, then the same logic applies to carpentry as putting the finishing touches to a window frame, front door or baseboard trim can often take the longest amount of time.

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Door Hanging

Whether you require the replacement of a patio or storm door, a new front entrance, glass inserts or additional hardware, Leeman Carpentry Ltd provides experienced installation services for any exterior, interior or specialty doors.

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Casing Windows

Whether you’re building a new house from the ground up or you’re remodeling a few rooms for a fresh look, custom window trimming can be the key to achieving the “wow” factor you want for your home.

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